Activity does not equal achievement. Success is not a matter of action, but precision. This is the core difference between good and great.

– Tom Coughlin

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win.

– Bobby Knight

Make each day your masterpiece.

– John Wooden


  • Overcome Challenges and Setbacks
  • Get the Results You Are Looking For
  • Compete and Perform At Your PEAK Level

Professional Philosophy

Dr. Stone values the privilege of assisting athletes to be the best they can be. His philosophy centers upon establishing a collaborative relationship to facilitate positive change and overall improvement. Regardless of the particular competitive objective, Dr. Stone’s places significant priority upon tapping into the internal resources unique to each individual client.

Specialization & Approach

Dr. Stone’s methods are strategic in terms of engaging a number of sports performance goals. His academic background and professional specialization is based on the peak performance model. In turn, Dr. Stone seeks to integrate select Mental Mindset Training techniques to equip athletes with new insights and tools to help them compete at their highest level. This is a three-step process of discovering, adapting, and implementing. Such applied methods and techniques have a robust history as an effective means to increase and maintain optimal performance.

Key Concerns for Athletes

Common questions:

  • How do I get the most out of my abilities?

  • What mental strategies and techniques can I use to improve performance?

  • How do I overcome setbacks to re-attain optimal performance?